Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned the recent atrocities in the city of Bucha are only the beginning of a grim phase in the ongoing war.

Driving the news: “The military tortured people, and we have every reason to believe that there are many more people killed,” Zelenskyy said Monday night, per NBC News. “Much more than we know now.”

Catch up quick: Multiple officials and photographers reported there had been civilian deaths in the city of Bucha over the weekend, according to Axios.

The bigger picture: The Bucha killings represent an inflection point in the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

  • After reports of the killings surfaced, President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin “a war criminal” and called for a war crimes investigation into the Russian president, as I wrote for the Deseret News.
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What he said: “You may remember I got criticized for calling Putin a war criminal,” Biden said, according to a readout from the White House. “Well, the truth of the matter — you saw what happened in Bucha. This warrants him — he is a war criminal. 

  • “But we have to gather the information, we have to continue to provide Ukraine with the weapons they need to continue the fight, and we have to get all the detail so this can be actual — have a wartime trial.”