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Rapper PnB Rock fatally shot at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ’N Waffles in LA

An Instagram post has been linked to the death of PnB Rock, who was shot on Monday

SHARE Rapper PnB Rock fatally shot at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ’N Waffles in LA
PnB Rock performed a concert at the Wells Fargo Center.

PnB Rock performs a concert during the Power 99 Powerhouse 2016 at the Wells Fargo Center on Friday, Oct. 28, 2016, in Philadelphia. The performer died Monday during a robbery in Los Angeles.

Owen Sweeney, Invision via Associated Press

Rapper PnB Rock was shot and killed during a robbery that took place at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ’N Waffles restaurant in South Los Angeles, according to The Los Angles Times.

The city’s Police Chief Michel Moore said that the targeted attack happened after Rock, whose real name was Rakim Allen, was tagged online as being at the restaurant.

The report stated that the 30-year-old artist was at the eating establishment with his girlfriend, who had posted a photo with their location tagged on Instagram.

“The victim was sitting at a table eating with a female witness when he was approached by the suspect. The suspect then brandished a firearm and demanded his property,” the Los Angeles Police Department said, according to KTLA.

“We don’t have the audio as to what the exact verbal exchange was at that time. The suspect then fired multiple rounds and then appears to remove some property, to what extent we don’t know at this time,” the police said.

The rapper was transported to a local hospital where he died.

Artists like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B reacted to the situation, taking different stances. Minaj chose to blame the late rapper’s girlfriend for his death.

“After Pop Smoke there’s no way we as rappers or our loved ones are still posting locations to our whereabouts. To show waffles & some fried chicken????!” she said. Last year, rapper Pop Smoke had flashed jewelry and cash on his social media, after which a group of men robbed him and shot him to death.

“He was such a pleasure to work with. Condolences to his mom & family. This makes me feel so sick,” added Minaj.

In another tweet, she said that the people who hang around rappers have so much to gain.

“It’s time to start really reminding them over & over!!! At least TRY to put your foot down if you CARE! Tell them!!! You’re not loved like you think you are!!! You’re prey!!!! In a world full of predators!!!! What’s not clicking???!!!” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Cardi B pointed out that Rock was in a “bad location” and that she doubted anyone was looking at the girlfriend’s Instagram account.

“It’s very irresponsible and inconsiderate to blame her for something so tragic. We should be sending nothing but love to her and his family at this time,” she said on Twitter.

Rock was originally from Philadelphia. He signed with Atlantic Records in 2015, per CNN. The song “Selfish” from his 2017 album “GTTM: Going Thru the Motions” reached No. 51 on Billboard’s Top 100.

He is survived by his daughters Milan Allen and Xuri Lee.