The relatively obscure, affluent New England coastal town of Cohasset, Massachusetts, is low in crime and home to just shy of 9,000 residents. But the town has appeared in national headlines due to a missing person report — that of Ana Walshe, mother of three.

And now investigators are saying that they found blood and a knife in the basement of Walshe’s family home.

Walshe, a real estate investment manager, was reported missing around the start of the new year by her workplace. CNN said that her workplace reported her missing on Jan. 4. When authorities searched the town for two days, no signs of her emerged. In a joint statement from the Cohasset Police and Massachusetts State Police, they said they deployed special search teams to look on the ground and in a nearby stream for Walshe and could not find her.

Her husband, Brian Walshe, told authorities that he last saw his wife on Jan. 1 when she was leaving for a flight for Washington, D.C., according to CNN. But “investigators allege he provided an intentionally false timeline of his actions that hampered the search.”

Cohasset and Massachusetts State Police arrested Brian Walshe on a charge of misleading investigators, per a press release from the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office.

Brian Walshe, of Cohasset, Massachusetts, faces a Quincy Court judge.
Brian Walshe, of Cohasset, faces a Quincy Court judge charged with impeding the investigation into his wife Ana’ disappearance from their home Monday, Jan. 9, 2023. | Greg Derr, The Patriot Ledger via Associated Press

So far, no new charges have been filed, per the Boston Globe, but more information has been released in court. Ana Walshe had a flight scheduled for Jan. 3, which she missed, and there’s no record that Walshe took a ride-share service to the airport or flew out of Logan International Airport on Jan. 1, like Brian Walshe told authorities she was planning to do.

Authorities also alleged that Brian Walshe didn’t disclose a trip he took to Home Depot on Jan. 2, according to The Washington Post. There, he reportedly purchased $450 worth of cleaning supplies, using cash.

After searching dumpsters in Swampscott near Brian Walshe’s mother’s home, investigators said they recovered items relevant to the case. Boston Globe reported, “In court on Monday, prosecutors said they discovered blood and a damaged, bloodied knife in the basement of the couple’s Cohasset home.”

Additionally, speaking under the condition of anonymity, two law enforcement officials “said investigators recovered a hacksaw and blood evidence in trash at the Peabody transfer station. The recovered items will undergo forensic testing,” per the Boston Globe. These items were found in connection with the search in dumpsters for relevant items.

Before Brian Walshe was taken into custody by Cohasset Police and Massachusetts State Police, he had been convicted for fraud. CBS News reported, “Walshe is on home confinement because of a federal conviction for fraud following a scheme where he stole and sold real and fake Andy Warhol paintings.”

Walshe reportedly pleaded guilty as part of a deal where he didn’t serve jail time, but “he had to either return the stolen paintings or pay restitution for them,” per CBS News.

As of the latest press release from the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office, investigators do not plan on publicly releasing further information at this point. The investigation is still ongoing.