On Saturday, a second flying object seen over North America was shot down by a U.S. jet under request from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Just days after a Chinese air balloon was shot from the sky in U.S. airspace, not one but two unidentified objects have been shot down, per The Wall Street Journal. The first flew over Alaska, and the second one was over the Yukon territory of Canada, directly east of Alaska.

Saturday afternoon, after posting a tweet saying he “ordered the take down of the unidentified object,” Trudeau said he had also spoken with President Biden and determined Canada would be examining the wreckage. He added, “thank you to NORAD for keeping watch over North America.”

The North American Aerospace Defense Command refused to give any further details to requests made by The New York Times but did confirm that its team had “positively identified a high-altitude airborne object over Northern Canada”

It is uncertain if the two unidentified objects shot down on Friday and Saturday are in any way related to each other or the Chinese spy balloon.

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