President Joe Biden has officially made his first visit to Ukraine since the war with Russia began.

Here’s what we know about the trip.

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What happened: The news of the trip was not made known until Biden had landed in Ukraine on Monday, according to NBC News.

The Associated Press reported that Biden visited with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a “defiant display” to stand with the country as it is still at war with Russia.

The last time a sitting U.S. president visited the country was when George W. Bush made a trip in 2008, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The New York Times reported that during the visit, Biden promised another $500 million in military aid for “artillery ammunition, Javelin missiles and Howitzers” and Zelenskyy said he and Biden discussed “long range weapons and the weapons that may still be supplied to Ukraine even though it wasn’t supplied before.”

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Why was the trip secretive? Fox News reported that national security officials said that the trip was “unprecedented given the lack of U.S. military infrastructure in the war-torn region.”

“We did notify the Russians that President Biden would be traveling to Kyiv,” national security adviser Jake Sullivan said, per CBS News. “We did so some hours before his departure for de-confliction purposes.”

No reports have been made on how Russia responded to the news of Biden’s visit.

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What was said: “Unchecked aggression is a threat to all of us,” Biden said, per NBC News. “One year later, Kyiv stands and Ukraine stands. Democracy stands, Americans stand with you and the world stands with you.”