One South African pilot had a real-life experience with a snake on a plane.

Pilot Rudolph Erasmus was about 11,000 feet in the air when he noticed he wasn’t alone in the cockpit — there was a cobra under his seat.

“To be truly honest, it’s as if my brain did not register what was going on,” Erasmus told the BBC.

How did the South African pilot know about the cobra snake in the plane?

He was transporting four passengers from Bloemfontein to Pretoria. Shortly after the discovery, Erasmus made an emergency landing — “a bite from a Cape cobra is lethal and can kill someone in just 30 minutes,” BBC reported.

He informed the passengers about the snake, and “everybody remained calm,” he told NPR.

What made him notice the snake was that it slithered down his shirt midflight, per CNN.

South African civil aviation commissioner Poppy Khoza praised Erasmus, calling him a “hero” because he “saved all lives on board,” NPR reported.

The snake was not seen again after being spotted in the aircraft, even after engineers stripped the plane to try to find it, per BBC.