Chinese President Xi Jinping and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke on the phone Wednesday in what is believed to be the first conversation between the two since Russia invaded Ukraine.

The conversation occurred over a month after Xi met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss China’s proposal for an eventual ceasefire in Ukraine, as the Deseret News reported.

What did Zelenskyy and Xi discuss?

The two leaders discussed peace plans in Ukraine, with China announcing that it would send a peace envoy to Ukraine.

“China will send a special representative of the Chinese government on Eurasian affairs to Ukraine and other countries to conduct in-depth communication with all parties on the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis,” a statement from China’s government reads.

China’s official account of the conversation, however, fails to mention either “Russia” or the “war,” according to The New York Times.

Xi also warned Zelenskyy about the danger of nuclear war, without mentioning Russia, the only side of the war that has nuclear weapons.

“There is no winner in a nuclear war,” Chinese state TV’s report of the conversation stated, per The Associated Press. “All parties concerned should remain calm and restrained in dealing with the nuclear issue and truly look at the future and destiny of themselves and humanity as a whole and work together to manage the crisis.”

How did Zelenskyy respond to the phone call with Xi?

In a tweet, Zelenskyy described the “long and meaningful phone call” as a potentially “powerful impetus to the development of our bilateral relations.”