Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan was “dramatically arrested by paramilitary troops” on allegations of corruption Tuesday, sparking a wave of protests across the country, CNN reported.

Police arrested hundreds of protesters who were demonstrating in support of Khan — a former cricket star who was extremely popular with the people, according to Reuters.

Those supporters demonstrated at state buildings, and the government says they “damaged private and public vehicles,” and police say some set fire to government buildings and military residences, per Reuters.

The clashes left at least four people dead. The government blocked social media and suspended internet service in Islamabad and other major cities amid the violence, The Associated Press reported.

A police report stated that 945 supporters of Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party had been arrested following the demonstrations, according to NBC News.

“This can’t be tolerated, the law will take its course,” Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal said in a news conference, per NBC News.

Why was Pakistan former Prime Minister Imran Khan arrested?

Khan was ousted from the prime ministership in April 2022, but he was working on a campaign to run again in elections that take place later this year. If he is convicted on the charges, it “would permanently disqualify him from standing for office,” BBC reported.

He was indicted Wednesday “on charges that he unlawfully sold state gifts during his premiership,” per BBC. Khan denies the allegations and says he followed the law.

After being held in detention, Khan claims he was “tortured and beaten all night,” and his lawyer told CNN that he observed “bruises on his head” when the two met for the court hearing.