A cease-fire was called Saturday night between Israeli forces and militants in the Gaza Strip after five days of tension and strikes that killed 33 Palestinians and two people in Israel.

Why did fighting start between Israeli forces, Palestinian militants?

The fighting in Gaza was “sparked Tuesday when Israeli jets killed three top commanders from the Islamic Jihad militant group in response to earlier rocket launches from Gaza.” That clash led to more fighting that “threatened to drag the region into another all-out war until Egypt mediated a cease-fire that took hold late Saturday,” The Associated Press reported.

The agreement brought a calm to the region but did not “address the underlying issues that have fueled numerous rounds of fighting” between the two groups over the years, per AP.

Around half of the people killed in Gaza were civilians, and one of the people killed by Jihad militants was a civilian woman who was killed when a rocket struck her apartment building, according to BBC.

How did Israel, Islamic Jihad respond to the cease-fire?

Israel responded with a statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that said, “Quiet will be met with quiet and if Israel will be attacked or threatened, it shall continue to do what it must in order to defend itself,” per Reuters.

Islamic Jihad also released a statement in agreement to the truce, saying, “We declare our acceptance of the Egyptian announcement and we will abide by it as long as the occupation (Israel) abides by it,” per Reuters.

The cease-fire started off shaky, “as both sides kept firing for two hours after the truce started,” BBC reported.