A 23-year-old Sacramento woman was arrested for theft after police searched her vehicle and found 65 Stanley stainless steel drinking products that were valued at nearly $2,500.

Police officers in Roseville, California, responded to a call from a retail store that claimed a theft had just occurred prior to the call.

“Staff saw a woman take a shopping cart full of Stanley water bottles without paying for them,” the police said in a statement released on Facebook. “The suspect refused to stop for staff and stuffed her car with the stolen merchandise.”

The statement further explained, “An officer spotted the suspect vehicle as it entered Highway 65 from Galleria Blvd and initiated a traffic stop.”

The woman has reportedly not yet been identified, but police have reported that she is 23 years old and is from Sacramento.

Police posted photos from the car, showing all of the stolen products, with the caption saying, “While Stanley Quenchers are all the rage, we strongly advise against turning to crime to fulfill your hydration habits.”

The Stanley Cup takeover (not the hockey trophy)

Why did a woman steal $2,500 worth of Stanley cups?

The Deseret News reported that the “water bottle-turned-phenomenon” began as an influencer trend that has continued over the years, with crowds fighting over the tumblers in Target earlier this month.

Despite the present-day high demand for these cups, the Stanley company has been around for a while.

William Stanley Jr. created the company and was the one who reportedly developed the “now-popular cup” back in 1913 by fusing “vacuum insulation and the strength of steel in one portable bottle, inventing the all-steel vacuum bottle.”

“Stanley cups were designed in 1913 and introduced in their modern, 40-ounce version in 2016 — to limited sales,” according to Axios.

Utah is reported to be at the helm of this trend taking off, as the influencers residing in the state began to post photos and videos with the tumbler, and their followers began to purchase the cups as well.