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Romney, McAdams working to keep Social Security, Medicare from drying up

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Deseret News composite photo

SALT LAKE CITY — Two Utah politicians, Sen. Mitt Romney and Rep. Ben McAdams, are part of bipartisan effort to keep programs such as Social Security and Medicare from running out of money.

Republican Romney led a group of senators who introduced a bill Tuesday that would would create congressional committees to restore and strengthen federal trust funds that millions of Americans rely on and that they say will be used up in 13 years. McAdams, a Democrat, and others introduced companion legislation in the House.

“It’s irresponsible for Congress to keep ignoring a preventable crisis,” Romney said. “We must put in place a responsible process now to prevent dramatic cuts to programs like Social Security and Medicare or be forced to enact massive tax hikes down the road, both of which would be devastating to middle class Americans.”

McAdams said millions of people depend on the benefits they’ve earned through Social Security and Medicare programs over a lifetime of hard work.

“We owe it to them and to future generations to carefully consider the options that will ensure we protect and strengthen these vital programs. Republicans and Democrats must engage in a serious conversation about how we keep the promises we’ve made about aging with dignity in our country,” he said.

The Time to Rescue United States’ Trusts Act calls for the Treasury Department to submit a report of the government’s major, endangered federal trust funds within 30 days of its passage. Congressional leaders would appoint members to “rescue committees” that work to restore solvency and improve trust fund programs.