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Man trapped inside pipe is rescued in Salt Lake City

A Salt Lake fire crew pulled a 40-year-old man out of a drainage pipe near 200 South and 900 West after he became trapped in it on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019.
Salt Lake City Fire Department

SALT LAKE CITY — Firefighters freed a man from a drainage pipe after the man was trapped there for at least four hours on Saturday.

Salt Lake Fire Division Chief Ryan Mellor said it is unknown how the man became stuck in the pipe, located at 200 South and 900 West, but the man had reportedly tried to get someone to help him for four hours.

The man, 40, was stuck about 3 feet into the pipe and once the rescue crew was able to reach him and stabilize the surroundings, “they were able to get him out pretty quick,” Mellor said.

He was the man was expected to be OK.