Utah Sen. Mike Lee has gone viral across Twitter after making a statement on an Iran briefing he received from the White House.

What happened: Lee spoke to reporters after the White House briefed Congress about the ongoing Iran situation. He was furious after a Senate briefing on President Trump’s decision to order the airstrike that killed Iran’s Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

  • Lee said it was “probably the worst briefing at least on a military issue I’ve seen.”
  • Lee called the briefing “insulting.”
  • Lee said he “walked into that briefing undecided” about whether to support the War Powers Resolution, which would halt the Trump administration from taking military action against Iran without Congress’ approval, Business Insider reports.
  • Lee: “It’s un-American, it’s unconstitutional, and it’s wrong,”
  • Lee: “That briefing is what changed my mind. I’m now going to support it.”
  • Lee said he was told by the Trump administration not to debate the merits of taking military action.
  • Lee: “One of the messages that we received from the briefers was: Do not debate, do not discuss the issue of appropriateness of further military intervention against Iran. And that if you do you’ll be emboldening Iran.”

Fox News: Lee’s interview appeared on Fox News, which cut away from him, according to reporters. The network did come back five minutes later.

Social media reaction: Here’s a look at the Twitter reaction.