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Utah monolith mystery still isn’t over

The mystery of the Utah monolith isn’t over as officials continue to investigate its origins.

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Mysterious monoliths showed up in Utah.

Mysterious monoliths continue to appear weeks after the first one showed up in Utah.

Illustration by Rachel Gartz, Deseret News

The mystery of the Utah monolith isn’t over yet. In fact, an investigation into its origins is still ongoing.

Some context:

The Utah monolith appeared, randomly, in early December. A team of biologists in Utah discovered the monolith in the remote wilderness. Later, another monolith appeared in Romania. Others popped up in California., too.

  • The monolith sparked a social media craze, which included brands and celebrities weighing in on the origins and meaning of the monolith.

The latest:

The Bureau of Land Management is still investigating the Utah monolith, looking into its whereabouts, its origins and what it means, according to Outside Online.

  • “We understand the public has a strong interest in the status and outcome of any investigations into the installation and removal of the illegally installed structure known as the ‘monolith,’” a BLM spokesperson told Outside Online. “We will notify the public when we have information to share.”

No one has come forward to claim the creation of the origins. Rather, those who took the Utah monolith have been promoting their own message about protecting the environment.

  • For now, people will have to wait to find the true meaning of the monolith and to discover who might have placed it there and when it was added.