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Watch: Are Democratic candidates wasting their time in Utah?

Democratic presidential candidates came to Utah ahead of Super Tuesday in their fight to win the Democratic nomination. But as Trump support in Utah rises, are they fighting a battle just to lose a war?

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SALT LAKE CITY — Democratic candidates Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bloomberg and Tulsi Gabbard all visited Utah the same week in February, a week that also included the Nevada Democratic debate and the Nevada caucuses. It was also just a couple weeks before 14 states, including Utah, vote on Super Tuesday. 

On top of that, Bernie Sanders announced Wednesday he will hold a rally in Salt Lake City on March 2, the day before Super Tuesday.

And yet, Utah has voted Republican for more than half a century. Utah also doesn’t have as many delegates to offer as several of the other Super Tuesday states. And finally, recent polls show that a majority of Utahns support President Donald Trump.

So, why are these Democrats spending critical time in a state that, by current estimates, will go to Trump?