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Woman shot through both legs in accident at Murray gun range

SHARE Woman shot through both legs in accident at Murray gun range

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MURRAY — A woman was injured Saturday at a Murray shooting range when a bullet went through both her legs, police said.

The incident occurred at TNT Guns & Range, 5669 Commerce Dr., when a man in his 30s “had set his gun down after shooting it, and had left it there for a period of time, forgot that it was loaded, went to take it apart, and ended up firing one round” that went through three shooting booths, according to Murray Police Sgt. Ali Richmond.

She said video footage from the range made it “very clear” that the incident was accidental, and charges will not be filed.

After going through the woman’s legs, the bullet lodged into the wall, Richmond said. The woman required surgery, but her injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, according to the sergeant.

“The person that did it, he’s very, very distraught right now,” Richmond said. He told police he had been shooting guns for years.

The incident prompted Richmond to urge people to be vigilant when using guns as such accidents are relatively common.