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Two dead, another hurt in single-car accident on rural Millard County road

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SALT LAKE CITY — The Millard County Sheriff’s Office is investigating what caused a car to crash in an extremely rural area of Millard County Friday, killing two people and leaving another seriously injured.

Lt. Rob Clark said investigators are still trying to determine what caused the car to crash on a remote gravel road about 33 miles north of a paved highway near Gandy.

“We’re uncertain how the crash happened at this time,” Clark said. “It is a very, very rural area. ... It’s way out in the hills.”

One of the four passengers was able to either flag down another motorist or walk to a residence, where he was told he could find help at the home of a deputy, Clark said.

“Someone guided this gentleman to this deputy’s house,” Clark said of the unnamed deputy. “He was (off-duty and home) because he’s been sick. ... He alerted us.”

Investigators, including the deputy who was alerted while at home, responded to the gravel road where the accident occurred and found two people deceased. Clark didn’t know the gender or age of either victim. A woman was seriously injured and rescue workers summoned a helicopter to fly her from the crash site to a hospital, he said.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.