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School district investigating after Utah teacher turns Veterans Day speech into message against COVID-19 vaccine, socialism

Dry Creek Elementary School is pictured on the Alpine School District website.
Dry Creek Elementary School is pictured on the Alpine School District website. A teacher at the school is in hot water after a ceremony meant to honor veterans during a school assembly quickly devolved into political activism.
Alpine School District

A teacher in the Alpine School District is under scrutiny after a ceremony meant to honor veterans during a school assembly devolved into political activism Monday.

While presenting as part of the district’s weeklong campaign to celebrate Veterans Day, Larry Law, a veteran and P.E. teacher at Dry Creek Elementary School in Lehi, detailed his military service before a person who saw the presentation said he pivoted to denouncing the COVID-19 vaccine and socialism.

In an image provided to the Deseret News, Law is seen in uniform, speaking in front of a slide that reads: “Many college students think socialist/communist ideas sound appealing. ... Talk to someone who has escaped a socialist country. Ask them about how corrupt the government is, how they control your life, how they harm and kill innocent children.”

“If we don’t teach our students the truth about our Constitution, they will end up slaves to bullies,” the slide reads.

In an emailed statement, the Alpine School District confirmed the incident happened and is under investigation.

“As in previous years, schools are holding special flag ceremonies and assemblies to honor parents and grandparents of students who are veterans and to offer thanks to those who continue protecting our freedoms. An isolated incident that occurred on Monday at an elementary school is unfortunate, concerning, and is being investigated by school and district administration. District policy prohibits political advocacy,” the statement reads.

A Dry Creek Elementary parent who asked not to be identified said Law made several references to fighting bullies, including COVID-19 vaccine mandates, and showed images of dictators of predominantly Asian descent as an example of what a bully looks like. The parent called it a “pro-fighting platform.”

“It was just basically full of anti-Asian rhetoric talking about how people getting free handouts like food from the grocery store is anti-American and for lazy people,” the parent said.

The parent also claimed Law talked about political unrest, and that the “government telling us we should get vaccinated is the government being a bully and we need to fight back against the bullies.”

Law helps run an alternative medicine blog called Angie’s Option Grass Roots Movement. The most recent post, dated Tuesday and penned by Law, rails against the FDA’s recent approval of the COVID-19 vaccine for children.

“Stopping the rise of these leaders who pander to socialist and communist ideas is critical to save our rights and liberties as individual human beings. ... The socialist inspired COVID-19 pandemic stole nearly two years of our lives,” the post reads.

Among other things, Law’s blog also claims 5G is dangerous, with another recent post warning “The cost of EMF (Electromagnetic field) damage to human health, animals, birds and even insects may prove to be catastrophic. Strengthening your immune system will be imperative as the world becomes bombarded with exponentially increasing electromagnetic energy.”

Law’s LinkedIn page says he attended the U.S. Air Force Academy.