Dear Utah — it’s going to be hot again today. Seriously. Just look at this picture from the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City. I literally started sweating.

How to stay safe from the heat

Be Ready SLC, the official Salt Lake Fire Emergency Management Department, shared a message on Twitter with five tips people can use to stay safe from the heat.

  1. Wear light clothing when you’re outside.
  2. Check in on your family members and neighbors to make sure they’re OK and safe.
  3. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids.
  4. Keep an eye out for heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can all happen with extreme temperatures.
  5. Don’t leave people or your pets in a car with closed windows and doors.

Heat wave cripples the Southwest

It is really, really hot right now in the West and Southwest. Several Western states broke temperature records earlier this week. And temperatures linked closer to the triple digits, too, because of the heat.

In fact, more than 48 million people in the western U.S. were under a heat watch or warning as of Wednesday, The Guardian reports.

Look at Utah as an example. Salt Lake City airport recorded its highest temperature ever in the last 147 years at 107 degrees. That has only happened twice before — in July 2002 and July 1960.

When will it end?

It looks like the weather will cool off ... next week? According to NBC News, “there’s not much relief in sight, as the extreme heat across the West will only intensify and become more widespread through the rest of the week.”