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UHP hoping motorists slow down this holiday weekend

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper uses a radar gun to watch for speeding drivers.
A Utah Highway Patrol trooper watches for speeding drivers at the Point of the Mountain on April 29, 2015. The UHP hopes the public will slow down for the July 4 holiday.
Mike DeBernardo, Deseret News

With the Fourth of July weekend approaching, the Utah Highway Patrol is once again urging motorists to slow down.

A week ago, the UHP held a press conference to announce a three-day speed enforcement effort in light of a dramatic increase in the number of excessive speeders being pulled over.

"It is getting, honestly, a little bit ridiculous," UHP Maj. Jeff Nigbur said.

The press event, which was already scheduled, came just hours after troopers pursued a group of bullet bikers traveling more than 150 mph in Summit County.

But just three days later, Nigbur tweeted a picture of a ticket issued to another bullet bike rider who was going 145 mph on I-15 in Orem.

"At last week's press conference, we asked for the public's help with slowing the speeds down on the freeway. This was not what we were talking about. We can do better!" he tweeted.

During the enforcement effort from June 25 to June 27, 1,430 speeding tickets were issued, with 39 of them to motorists going over 100 mph, the UHP stated.

In addition, 36 tickets were issued for DUI. There were 12 crashes that resulted in people being injured and one fatal crash, according to the UHP.