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Utahn with mob yelled ‘it’s wartime!’ in U.S. Capitol siege, feds say

The U.S. Capitol is seen in Washington, early Tuesday, July 27, 2021, as U.S. Capitol Police keep eyes on the perimeter.
The U.S. Capitol is seen in Washington, early Tuesday, July 27, 2021, as U.S. Capitol Police keep eyes on the perimeter.
J. Scott Applewhite, Associated Press

Authorities have arrested a Utah man who they say yelled “it’s wartime!” and taunted officers in the Jan. 6 siege at the United States Capitol before making his way down hallways inside the building.

Jacob Kyle Wiedrich was apprehended last week in Salt Lake City, almost seven months after the attack on the building by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

The FBI identified him as part of the mob that made its way from a Trump rally near the Washington Monument to the Capitol. Investigators reviewed surveillance footage, received several tips and found videos he posted to Snapchat where he’s heard saying “it’s wartime!” and “we ride for Trump, we die for Trump!” court documents say.

He screamed at officers once in the Capitol, at one point becoming “so confrontational that another member of the mob physically restrains him,” states a criminal complaint filed July 21 in federal court in Washington, D.C. He also walked around a corridor before heading down a hallway toward the House of Representatives wing of the building, the complaint says.

In another case, a tip from one of Janet West Buhler’s acquaintances — a relative’s co-worker — helped the FBI to identify her in news footage captured from inside the Capitol that day. Cellphone data confirmed she was there, according to a statement of facts supporting her arrest on Friday in Salt Lake City.

She’s a designer who founded the Utah-based clothing shop Anna Rewick, according to the company’s website. Authorities say she was seen just outside the Capitol Rotunda Jan. 6 with her stepson-in-law Michael Lee Hardin, a former Salt Lake City police officer already charged in the attack. Hardin has pleaded not guilty to each of four criminal charges he faces.

Wiedrich was apprehended a day earlier than Buhler, court documents show. The two are both accused of disorderly conduct and entering or remaining in a restricted building without authority to do so.

Court documents don’t list attorneys for them.

They’re among several from Utah who are arrested in connection with the siege.

Authorities have confiscated roughly $90,000 and filed additional charges against John Earle Sullivan, a Utah man accused of selling footage of protester Ashli Babbit being fatally shot that day. Another Utah man being held in the Washington County Jail, Landon Kenneth Copeland, was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation after an expletive-laden tirade during a court hearing in May.

An Arizona man who costume-played the Book of Mormon figure Captain Moroni while in the building also was arrested.