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Utah’s The Point under the spotlight

The Point — a new neighborhood coming to Draper, Utah — looks to help people avoid cars

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A rendering of a possible development in Draper.

The Point of the Mountain State Land Authority has released new renderings of what the southern Salt Lake County development might look like, including this retail area.

The Point of the Mountain State Land Authority

Utah's upcoming development project The Point received some spotlight this week from Fast Company.

The Point — a neighborhood in Draper, Utah — is being designed to help people avoid driving their cars.

  • Currently, the state prison is located in the neighborhood. It is expected to be demolished this summer.
  • The location is billed as a 15-minute city where people can walk from one end to the other in that time.
  • The city has a mix of retail, entertainment, schools, high-quality workplaces, restaurants and recreation all within the 15-minute walking zone, the Deseret News’ Katie McKellar writes.

Read more about The Point over at Fast Company.

Quote: “One of our goals is to create what we’ve termed a one-car community,” said Alan Matheson, executive director of The Point of the Mountain State Land Authority. “We know there will be those who want more than one vehicle, but we think we can design this in a way where they wouldn’t need it.”

What to expect: “The plan calls for a network of open spaces so residents can walk through car-free linear parks to different parts of the neighborhood to reach offices, schools or stores, all built-in mixed-use zones,” Fast Company reports.

Why it matters: A lot of eyes have turned to Utah because of The Point because it is a city-centered around improving quality of life and creating economic opportunities.