A new report has identified every state’s most Google searched slang term. And Utah’s is pretty fancy.

The news: I’m a Puzzle — an online puzzle website — released a new report that analyzed the 55 most searched slang terms across the U.S. and the top slang term in every state.

  • The top Google slang term is “simp.” The report said the term is meant to describe “a man who is overly submissive to women.”
  • “Woke” was the second-most Googled term. The slang word is used to describe someone who is “well-informed of and sensitive to cultural issues,” according to the report.

Utah’s slang term: The most Googled slang term for Utah was “boujee” — another term for high class and luxurious lifestyle, according to the report.

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Method: To find this, the I’m a Puzzle team looked at more than 200 slang popular slang terms in Google’s AdWords platform.

Flashback: A new research report form PlayNJ, an online gambling website, found that Utah’s top slang word was “biffed,” which is meant “to describe falling down, tripping or doing anything completely embarrassing.”

  • The word should not be confused with Biff Tannen, the bully from the “Back to the Future” series.
  • “Sluff” — which is another word for “ditch” that is pretty popular in Utah — was also mentioned as one of the Beehive State’s top slang words, as I reported for the Deseret News.