Troopers say they cited a driver on Wednesday for driving over 100 mph on I-15, then cited him just 10 minutes later for driving over 100 mph again.

Such actions could bring an enhanced penalty under a new Utah law.

The driver "didn't understand the assignment," the Utah Highway Patrol said on social media, before describing the incident.

The first trooper encountered a Honda Pilot near Levan, in Juab County, about 6:43 p.m. The car was recorded at traveling 111 mph, according to the post. The trooper stopped the vehicle and cited the male driver, using a new Utah law that enhances the penalty for driving over 105 mph.

Lawmakers this year passed SB53, which is designed to curb fatal crashes and increases fines for driving over 100 mph by an extra 50%. At 105 mph, drivers can now face a charge of reckless driving, a class B misdemeanor, rather than an infraction like in the past. The changes took effect May 4.

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After the first stop, the driver was pulled over by another trooper just 4 miles away and 10 minutes later. Troopers said that same driver was driving 105 mph. He was again cited under the new reckless driving law, according to the UHP.

"As an adult, if you are charged with this at least twice in a 12-month period, your driver's license goes into automatic review and could be suspended. For our younger drivers, all it takes is one time for your license to go into review," the agency said, urging drivers to "slow down," as "nothing is worth risking your life or putting others in danger so you can get somewhere just a few minutes faster."

The UHP praised its Juab County crew for helping to keep the roads safe.