While the legendary tale of the Bear Lake monster is well-known, there is another monster that is said to lurk in the depths of Utah Lake. While this monster is not as notorious as the Loch Ness monster, rumors about this serpent go way back.

The legendary tale of Brigham Young and the Bear Lake Monster(s)

Legends and rumors about the Utah Lake monster began circulating in the 1800s. “Some men said it had the head of a dog and, ‘wicked, black eyes,’” according to Only in Your State. One person even claimed that he was chased to the shore by this monster in 1864.

The Daily Herald reported that a man and his friends also saw the monster close to the shore: “On a clear, calm day, Goshen Bishop William Price was traveling south on the road west of Utah Lake when he, C.G. Webb, and another man glimpsed the Utah Lake Monster. The creature was about one mile from shore and traveling in the same direction as the men.”

But these are not the only sightings. The Daily Herald also reported fisherman Frank Grasteit had seen the monster between Goshen and Mosida (now, notably, a ghost town) — something that the locals also corroborated. Several years passed since those initial sightings of the Utah Lake Monster.

Then, KUTV reported that in 2006, locals were circulating stories about fresh sightings of the monster. No other sightings seem to have been reported since.

While this legendary monster might not be on par with the Loch Ness monster, it does seem that some believe there is something creepy lurking in the deep.