Come Friday, there will be two Aggie Ice Cream storefronts in Logan following the opening of a new establishment at 1111 N. 800 East.

The shop, located on the ground floor of the Blue Square apartment complex, will open Friday, Sept. 22, with a ribbon-cutting at 3 p.m., followed by an Aggie Ice Cream party until 7 p.m.

Although Aggie Ice Cream does brisk business on the USU campus, the new location will be in a more public-facing location west of Maverik Stadium.

Another plus? The Aggie Chocolate Factory storefront is right next door.

The first 100 visitors to the Blue Square location will receive a commemorative cowbell. There will also be face painting, balloon animals and an ice cream eating contest.

USU creamery is more than 100 years old and offers 28 varieties of ice cream, 10 of them official Aggie flavors, said Aggie Ice Cream manager Bridgett Liberty.

The most popular flavor? “Aggie Blue Mint, by far,” said Liberty.

As the story goes, Aggie Ice Cream is about as local as ice cream comes, from the cows milked at USU’s dairy to its production on the campus.

“The new location’s opening represents a milestone in the university’s commitment to offering the community its handcrafted ice cream, which is made on-campus by dedicated staff and students in the food science program,” according to a USU press release.

Liberty said the second location will help alleviate waits in line on the busy campus. “With so many things going on, it gives people another outlet to go to,” she said.

In addition to the tried and true Aggie Bull Tracks, True Aggie Night and Aggie Chocolate Cherry, a new flavor is sure to win rave reviews, Liberty said.

“It’s Aggie Joy. It’s a coconut flavored ice cream with dark chocolate and almonds,” she said.

Asked what makes Aggie Ice Cream so good, Liberty said, “Honestly, we have the best scientists making the best products and they know what’s best for it.”

She added, “Oh yeah, we have the best cows, too.”

USU Caine Dairy Teaching and Research Center was ranked the top college dairy herd in the nation by the Holstein Association USA in 2022, a title it has held in previous years. The association is the world’s largest dairy cattle breed organization.

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