Drama is never far away when it comes to dating shows — even when humans aren’t the ones looking for love.

The breeding season for gentoo penguins lasts for about three months and has proven to be nothing short of entertaining for thousands of humans. In a TikTok series called “Love on Thin Ice,” the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium brings its followers along on the whirlwind romances of their 20 gentoo penguins as they wrestle love and heartbreak.

As much as we want to believe in the adorable idea that penguins mate for life, gentoo penguins do not. “Research reveals that during the breeding season, females may have 1-3 partners, while males may have 1-2,” according to a press release. “Despite these multiple pairings, Gentoo penguins often return to the same mate, with a remarkable 90% fidelity rate.”

The weekly dating series showcases 12 penguins that coupled together last mating season along with two male bachelors. Unlike roses, male penguins show their love with pebbles and the female penguin will either accept or decline the romantic gesture.

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The love story of Poppy and Scamper, who have been mates for years, was the first relationship to catch attention on social media. Poppy accepted Scamper’s pebble, but in true reality TV fashion, Poppy decided to keep her options open.

And it gets juicier. Rather than pursue one of the single males, Poppy decided to pursue Roto, an already spoken-for penguin.

“They will sometimes return to the same partner and other times decide to try someone new. We don’t know if there’s a particular thing that sets them off to make that decision,” penguin keeper Karli Healy told KSL News. “Every year is a new adventure of: Are we going to have the same partners, or is somebody going to change it up and pick someone new?”

The TikTok series, which has accumulated more than 300,000 views, has animal lovers deeply invested in the drama and wild nature of the gentoo penguins.

One TikTok user wrote, “Better than any Netflix dating show.” Another said, “Your social media team needs a raise. I’m so here for this.”