An 11-year-old girl whose forehead was pierced by a lawn dart was in a medically induced coma Friday as a federal agency prepared to ban the potentially deadly toy.

Amy Herrin of McMinnville was in critical condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center as doctors waited for swelling in her brain to subside.The Consumer Product Safety Commission planned to ban the manufacture and sale of lawn darts Friday, agency spokesman Dave Shiflett said Thursday.

"I'm glad that they are going to do something, and I know they will," said Amy's mother, Sue Tucker. "It is not a toy that you play with.

"What we're doing right now is hoping and praying," she said.

Amy was hurt as she played the horseshoe-like game with a cousin outside a neighbor's house in the central Tennessee city on Tuesday.

Mrs. Tucker said the cousin raced into her kitchen, followed by Amy, with the dart still protruding from her head.

"She just said, `Momma, it's in my head.' All else I remember is me screaming," Mrs. Tucker said.

A Vanderbilt surgical team spent eight hours removing the dart, which had penetrated two inches into Amy's head.