A reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer whose Pulitzer Prize was challenged by a magazine that ran a similar story says he had no doubt his award would be upheld.

The Pulitzer board's executive committee said Monday it saw no reason to question the award to Tim Weiner, who won the national reporting prize for a 1987 series on the Defense Department's "black budget" for secret projects.

The National Journal last week asked the board to reconsider the Inquirer's prize.

The Washington-based weekly magazine said Weiner's series was "a blatant and egregious case of building a news story according to someone else's blueprint," namely, the magazine's March 1, 1986, cover story about the black budget. It contended that Weiner's story broke no new ground.

In Philadelphia on Monday, Weiner called the National Journal's challenge "a false charge and a phony controversy."