The Region 8 office of the Environmental Protection Agency has recognized four Utahns for their environmental protection efforts and accomplishments.

The four were among 19 individuals and 13 organizations recognized within the six-state region.Utahns honored included Norman Jones, Utah State University; Rusty Lundberg, Utah Bureau of Solid and Hazardous Waste; Dr. Alfred G. Humpherys, curator at Wheeler Historic Farm Park; and Don Duff, U.S. Forest Service, Ogden.

Jones was recognized for his activities concerning water pollution control and drinking water, solid and hazardous waste and environmental engineering issues over the past 26 years.

Lundberg was cited for his efforts to overcome institutional problems to arrange for disposal of hazardous waste materials that resulted from a pesticides fire in Minot, North Dakota. The materials were transported to Utah for burial. Lundberg's efforts came at the request of EPA, which was seeking to have the materials permanently disposed of rather than put in long-term temporary storage.

Humpherys was cited for the restoration efforts at the Wheeler Farm Park and public accessibility to the site. Also, the farm was praised for its efforts to establish a five-acre wetlands area that provides a lively plant and animal habitat that is used for rec-reation and educational purposes. Some 300,000 people visit the farm annually.

Duff was honored for his efforts to develop fisheries management policies and modeling techniques now successfully applied throughout the West. The policies deal with protecting stream water quality including factors such as sedimentation, runoff from livestock operations and entry of toxic chemicals into the streams.

The awards recognize activities ranging from contributions in the implementation of oxygenated fuels to the swift actions taken at the site of a raging pesticide warehouse fire.

EPA Regional Administrator Jim Scherer said, "Without the initiative and leadership shown by these award winners and others like them, EPA would have a difficult time fulfilling its mission successfully. We chose from among a wide field of very caring, energetic individuals and we are extremely proud to be able to recognize their achievements."