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Salt Lake-based Automated Language Processing Systems Inc., doing business as ALPNET, announced that Thomas F. Seal has been named president and chief executive officer of the company, replacing A.T. Zirkle.

Seal served most recently as president of Multiscript/La langagerie, ALPNET's Canadian translation subsidiary in Montreal. In addition, Seal served ALPNET for nearly three years as vice president of research and development.Zirkle, ALPNET president and chief executive officer of four years, will leave the company to accept another position. Zirkle has been in London recently, coordinating the transition of the company from a technology-oriented software supplier into a network of translation service suppliers.

In 1988 ALPNET purchased five translation companies with offices in France, Germany, Spain, Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore.

"Mr. Zirkle has been instrumental in the restructuring of the company. He has made a significant contribution in our efforts to build the largest commerical translation company in the world," said ALPNET Chairman Richard L. Warner.

"As a result of the recent acquisitons and refocusing into translation services, the comapny has grown to 22 offices in nine countries, with revenues of $24 million in 1988, an increase exceeding 500 percent over 1987," Warner said. "The company wishes Mr. Zirkle continued success in the future."

The ALPNET board of directors also named John W. Wittwer as executive vice president and treasurer.

Wittwer, a founder of the company, will continue to serve as chief financial and accounting officer. He is vice president of finance and treasurer.

Robert H. Stanley has been appointed as director of European and Asian operations.

Stanley, who is based in London, will have direct responsibility for ALPNET's language translation service operations in Europe and Asia.

Stanley has been with Interlingua/TTI since 1970 and has served as managing director since 1985. ALPNET acquired Interlingua/TTI Group Ltd. in 1988.

"Our most important effort for the rest of 1989 is to build upon the profitability recently announced for our first quarter," said Seal. "To accomplish this, we will expand the use of our proprietary translation technology in our network companies and focus on selling translation services to large U.S. and European multinational corporations.

"ALPNET's language translation services network is in place and well-positioned to service the dramatic increase in translation demand anticipated by the `single European market' of 1992 presently under implementation by the European Economic Community."