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If you were "Mad" about his work, then you'll recognize his drawing style in an instant. "The Nutheads," a new comic strip done by Don Martin (formerly of "Mad" magazine), starts today in the Deseret News, replacing Bloom County, now discontinued by its creator."

A lot of Martin's work appeared in "Mad" from 1956 until 1988. His cartoons now appear in "Cracked" magazine.This is Martin's first attempt at a newspaper cartoon, though his varied illustrative talents have appeared on greeting cards, in advertising and even in animation.

He has a rather unique style of drawing that has certainly been the hallmark of his work. He has had more than 14 books published and has received numerous awards, including two special features awards from the National Cartoonist Society.

Martin, 58, resides in Florida with his wife, Norma. He grew up in New York and studied at Pennsylvania's Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art.

Universal Press, the syndicate that distributes "The Nutheads," describes the comic as being about a family that's "a little odd, but always entertaining."

Other comics changes:

-"Calvin and Hobbes" moves to "Bloom County's" old spot on the comics page, while "Fox Trot" takes Calvin's spot. "Nutheads" is found in "Fox's" former position.

-Tribune Media Services recently announced that the comic strip "Boomer's Song" will be discontinued nationally effective Sept. 9. The probable reason for this cancelation is a lack of subscriber newspapers for the strip.