Mayor Art Agnos, left, accompanied by his son, Christopher, concedes the San Francisco mayoral election. Meanwhile, Frank Jordan, right, is congratulated by supporters after it became clear that he had won the close race. Jordan, a former San Francisco police chief, received 98,491 votes, or 52 percent, to Agnos' 90,875 votes, or 48 percent. Voters also approved a ballot item that would raise the city's sales tax by one-quarter cent to restore programs dropped from public schools. Agnos, who had sought a second term, pledged to support Jordan, a fellow Democrat. "We're going to show the same kind of determination we showed in this campaign to help Frank Jordan to be the best mayor he can be so this can be the best city this can be," Agnos said. "This victory tonight is one that is both very exhilarating, but it's also very humbling," Jordan said.