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The three teenagers who admit murdering teacher Pamela Smart's husband lied about how they did it and they lied when they said she put them up to it, her lawyer told jurors Wednesday.

Attorney Paul Twomey pointed to inconsistencies in stories told by Smart's teenage student-lover and two accomplices about last May 1, when they admit forcing Gregory Smart to his knees and shooting him in the back of the head."They're lying," Twomey said, referring to the three sarcastically as a "bunch of little kids who made a mistake and now they're sorry."

But prosecutor Paul Maggiotto told jurors the 23-year-old teacher is "a cool, calculated operator" who unquestionably is guilty of planning and abetting her husband's murder.

"Listen to those tapes and you'll reach the only one conclusion that those tapes leave you," he said.

The closing arguments followed 11 days of testimony, including two by Smart.

While on the witness stand, Smart said she had nothing to do with the May 1 shooting death of her 24-year-old husband of less than a year.

Smart said she lied to conceal her affair with William Flynn, then 16.

Flynn and two friends pleaded guilty to reduced charges in return for prison terms of 18 to 28 years and agreed to testify against Smart.