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Fox has just released a list of the shows it's considering for its 1991-92 schedule.

I fear for the future of the republic.Now, this is actually a very uncriticlike reaction. One should never review anything without having actually seen it first.

And sometimes the dumbest sounding ideas turn out to be pretty good shows - "Doogie Howser, M.D." is a prime example.

Now, none of the shows is actually on the Fox schedule. They're just "in development."

But, still, some of these impending programs leave me feeling apprehensive. Here are a few reasons why:

- The Brave New World of Charlie Hoover: Tim Matheson stars as Charlie. Sam Kinison (Alarm! Alarm!) stars as Charlie's 6-inch-tall, invisible alter-ego.

It's possible the audience could do more screaming than Kinison.

- Dates from Hell: A sketch comedy about dating and relationships in the '90s.

Naturally, these will be California and/or New York relationships.

- Herman: Set inside a young man's brain, "outrageous characters" will personify Lust, Anxiety, Compassion and Intellect.

At least we can't call it more brainless television.

- Culture Clash: For those of you who aren't hip, Culture Clash is a "cutting-edge L.A. Latino comedy trio." (Never heard of 'em.) They'll be joined by Cheech Marin in this series "about three friends who'll stop at nothing to break into show business."

Yeah, they'll even star in a sitcom on Fox.

- The Wayneheads: Would you believe a claymation series from Damon ("In Living Color") Wayans?

I'm having a rather hard time with the concept myself.

- Roc & Reg.E.: A "put-upon, opinionated garbage collector . . . has to cope with his hustling brother moving in."

Now we'll hear from garbagemen about what an unrealistic portrayal of their lives this show is.

- Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures: It's possible that this continuation of the movie could be totally awesome, but it seems rather unlikely.

- Quail Lake: A family moves to the suburbs, only to find "suburban hillbillies, Witness Protection Programmers and even a lovable yet unmovable squatter."

Yeah, but you should see my neighborhood.

- Shut Up Kids: A felon who "makes W.C. Fields look like a social worker" is sentenced to teach fourth grade.

What will the UEA say about this?

- Chameleon: A character from a video game comes to life "with the ability to turn himself into any inanimate object, and wreaks havoc in the 3-D world."

This, of course, makes the assumption that the writers will be able to create a three-dimensional world for the Chameleon to wreak havoc in. Doubtful.

- Blood Ties: The creators of "Dynasty" build a new multigenerational saga - but this time it's about "a close-knit community of vampires in America struggling to maintain its heritage and hide its secret."

Now, this one really worries me - because I'm dying (no pun intended) to see it.

- The Best of the Worst: "A fun-loving look at those things that just don't fit, match, make sense or belong . . . if it's terrible, it's celebrated in this half-hour."

A very dangerous show for Fox to actually pick up. They just might have to stock it with clips from all their other shows.