"We might say that the temples of today echo the temples of the [biblicalT past as houses of the Lord. They are of greater significance than cathedrals or synagogues, or any other edifices of worship. They are sacred to the closest communion between the Lord and the Holy Priesthood, and devoted to the highest and most sacred ordinances.

"It is in the temple that things of the earth are joined with the things of heaven. . . . The great family of God will ultimately be united through the saving ordinances of the gospel. The living and the dead will be united vicariously in the same manner in which Christ became the Savior of the world, by giving His life that all men may arise from the grave to everlasting life. This vicarious work and ordinances for the living are the purposes of temples." - President Howard W. Hunter"There is more than one dedication taking place this day, and there are others to come. . . . Each person attending this dedication should dedicate himself or herself to worthiness and willingness to use the House of the Lord for its sacred purpose. Then, as time goes by, we should rededicate ourselves time and time again to this sacred service. `Know ye not,' Paul wrote the Corinthian saints, `that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.' We will dedicate our personal temples and our lives by living worthy to come to this House of God, and by coming here frequently." - Elder Dallin H. Oaks

"The Spirit of Elijah is alive in this land. It will touch your hearts as you seek to do the work of the Lord and the [templeT work for your ancestors. One of the great spiritual moments of my life was kneeling at the altar in behalf of one of my ancestors. I didn't see a lot of success when I came here as a missionary. I baptized only a few times, and felt I had not accomplished all that my Heavenly Father had sent me to do. At the altar, where I was proxy for one of my ancestors, I felt that if I accomplished nothing more in my life then I would have accomplished all the Lord would have me do. I pray that you will wear out this building again in another 34 years in doing this great work." - Elder M. Russell Ballard

"We have gathered for the rededication of a House unto the Lord. It is quite literally the thrill and experience of a lifetime. But surely even more important than the rededication to the Lord of brick and mortar and wood and glass is the rededication of our personal lives, a recommitment to the principles of the gospel that inspired our spiritual ancestors and kept them toiling through dark days and bitter nights to build temples and establish Zion and celebrate the kingdom of God on earth. Even more important than this marvelous Portland stone set in the Surrey countryside are the rock-solid covenants we make here, promises that we will this day, as President Brigham Young so stirringly said, be doing what God requires at our hands and living precisely as our Father in Heaven wants us to live. If we are rededicated this day, then surely the rededication of this stunningly beautiful structure will indeed have eternal meaning for us." - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

"Ancient mariners and early travelers discovered the necessity to chart their course by focusing on things that were constant and unchanging. They used the stars and landmarks to assure a safe journey. Later, the compass, sextant and computerized navigational systems were developed. I was intrigued to read in a newspaper report that pilots flying aircraft into the [nearbyT London Gatwick International Airport use the spire of this temple as a navigational reference to bring them safely home. . . . When this temple was dedicated in 1958, I did not know it existed. But a young lady did, and a few months later I met her. After we had dated a few times, she let me know that if I was thinking in terms of marriage, that she would marry only in a temple of the Lord. I learned about the gospel and joined the Church. I'm here today because her course was set on the temple." - Elder Kenneth Johnson

"Our Heavenly Father accommodated His children who have died without knowledge of His law. This great temple and other temples have been built to rescue those and all others who have died without accomplishing the vital tasks of participating in temple ordinances and making covenants with the Lord. Why? Because Heavenly Father loves us and wants us eternally as His children. Because Jesus Christ, our elder Brother, wants to walk and talk again with us. But it takes our help, our unselfish effort. We who serve in temples become rescue workers." - Elder Hugh W. Pinnock