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Directions: From Snowville in northern Utah follow a dirt road south of town for about 15 miles, or take Highway 83 to Corrine, then state road to Promontory Point and from there take dirt road to springs.

Description: There are five ponds fed by fresh springs on the northern tip of the Great Salt Lake. There are a few cottonwood trees in the area, but mostly sage brush and greasewood. Best fishing in the two larger ponds - Barker and Bar.

Fish: Rainbow Trout, Bass

Details: Because ponds are fed by natural springs, water temperatures a consistent temperature and don't freeze in winter. These are shallow ponds, about 6 to 8 feet deep, so fish off bottom. Large enough for float tube, but no boat launch. Most of the fishing from shore. For flies try nymphs, small dry flies along the edges. If slow at one pond, move and try another.

Notes: This is a popular winter and spring fishery. Stocking begins in mid-February and run through mid-April, because this is popular duck hunting area, fishing closed from Nov. 14 to Jan. 17. Fish stocke here are generally larger than regular stock. Unimproved camping in the area. Some bass were put in ponds, but water temperature has not allowed bass to spawn.