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This 3.4-square mile neighborhood includes the upscale Olympus Cove neighborhood and Mill Creek Canyon. The neighborhood, with a median age of 40.4, is much grayer than the rest of the county. However, Darrel French, chairman of the Mount Olympus Community Council, said that the area is in transition - attracting more younger families.

Except for a few homes, most of housing stock is relatively new when compared to other area. The area is a bedroom community will little commercial development except the Olympus Hills Shopping Center.EDITOR'S NOTE: This is another in a weekly series profiling communities along the Wasatch Front. The information was compiled from statistics available through government agencies and is presented in an effort to provide a quick glance at the people who comprise each area in unincorporated Salt Lake County.

Origin of community's name: The name is attributed to nearby Mount Olympus, which in turn was named after Mount Olympus in northeast Greece. The Grecian version is the mythical abode of the gods.

Did you know? At one time, twenty water-powered mills - grist, lumber and shingle mills - once were located along Mill Creek. The mills ranged from the Archibald Gardner lumber mill at present-day Highland Drive to Hyrum Rose's shingle mill 17 miles up the canyon.

Community/neighborhood organizations

Mount Olympus Community Council, meets each 2nd and 4th Wednesday, 7 p.m., Churchill Junior High School, 3450 E. Oakview Drive. For more information call Darrel French, council chairman, 272-2117.

Landmarks Mill Creek Canyon and Churchill Junior High School. Another landmark is Pete's Rock, a popular place to paint graffiti at the mouth of Parley's Canyon.


1 neighborhood park

9 informal diamonds

3 soccer/football fields

2 tennis courts

6 basketball courts

1 gymnasium

Incorporation vote


Median home price


Household size

2.96 persons per household

Median age


Where it's located



White 7,194

Black 6

American Indian 13

Asian or Pacific Is. 178

Hispanic 91

Sources: State Data Center, U.S. Census Bureau, Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation and Public Works Department, "Utah Place Names" by John W. Van Cott.