Formats: Sega Genesis 16-Bit System, Game Gear (September), Sega CD (October).

Price, manufacturer: $54.95, Sega.Recommended ages: 8 and up.

How the game works: Welcome to "Jurassic Park: The Game," based on the hit movie. Players try to survive in a hurricane-ravaged dinosaur preserve. Select which character to play: the paleontologist Dr. Grant or the lethal veloci-raptor. As Grant, you must try to return to the Visitor Center and rescue the guests. You must become a weapons expert and know how to stun or outwit the dinosaurs. The raptors might pounce and attack without warning; dilophosaurs spit a highly toxic liquid; T. Rex is the ultimate terror. As the raptor, your goal is to escape from the island via the supply ship at the dock.

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Good points, bad points: To enjoy the chilling sound effects, play the game through your sound system. Try being the raptor - it's fun going hunting with no time limit, and the more lives you have, the longer you play. This game carries Sega's GA (General Audiences) rating, but it contains plenty of violence - the raptors eat little dinosaurs, Grant can get gored by the triceratops (no blood is shown) - however, the dinosaurs never get killed, they get stunned by Grant or stomped on by the raptor.

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