Q. Give me some information on Carl Weathers, the new chief on "In the Heat of the Night." I liked him in "Street Justice." Where can I write? - Mrs. K.V., Virginia Beach, Va.

A. Weathers, 45, was born in New Orleans, and attended San Diego State on an athletic scholarship. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in dramatic arts. Weathers played pro football for the NFL's Oakland Raiders and the CFL's British Columbia Lions. He made his acting mark as Apollo Creed in "Rocky." He's been seen in the "Rocky" sequels as well as "Predator," "Action Jackson" and the TV series "Fortune Dane" and "Street Justice."Q. I'd like to write to Jerry Seinfeld. I'm a fan and recently discovered we have the same birthday, even the year, and our names are similar. - J., Woodhaven, Mich.

A. Seinfeld turned 39 last April 29. Write: MTM Studios, 4024 Radford Ave., Studio City, CA 91604.

Q. Tell me about the actress who played Hannah on "Loving." I haven't seen her name in the credits. She must be the daughter of Jane Seymour. - M.P.L.F., Norfolk, Va.

A. Rebecca Gayheart is no relation to Jane Seymour. Gayheart was born in Hazard, Ky., and grew up in Arizona, where she started modeling at age 15. She finished high school in New York. Her credits include many TV commercials before landing on "One Life to Live," "The Cosby Show" and "Loving." She lost her "Loving" job in August when the show's producers decided to end Hannah's storyline.

Q. I would like to know if Kelly Ripa, who plays Hayley on "All My Children," is Lynn Redgrave's daughter. - F.B.M., Abington, Pa.

A. Ripa is no relation to Redgrave. A native of New Jersey, she was discovered in a high school play and joined " AMC" in 1990. Redgrave's daughter, Kelly Clark, is an actress, too.

Q. Where can I write the producers and writers of "In Living Color," particularly Keenan Ivory Wayans? - C.S., Romulus, Mich.

A. None of the Wayans family is involved in "Color" this season. Creator Keenan Ivory Wayans quit in a disagreement with the production company. Greg Fields, Les Firestein and Pam Veasey are the current executive producers. Write them: Fox Broadcasting Co., Box 500, Beverly Hills, CA 90213.

Q. In "Charlie's Angels," who played Charlie Townsend? What other shows has he been in? What has he been doing in recent years? - T.L.F., Wichita Falls, Texas.

A. Charlie Townsend was only a voice, that of John Forsythe. If you're thinking of the man who sent the Angels off on their cases, that was David Doyle, who played John Bosley. Doyle hasn't done a series since but has been seen often in various guest roles on TV.

Q. Was there a show called "Ponderosa"? If so, who played in it and when was it on? - Bound To Be Right, Norfolk, Va.

A. "Ponderosa" was the name given to "Bonanza" reruns when the show went into syndication while still in first run.

Q. Who was the young actress who played young Meggie on "The Thorn Birds"? What is her background? Where does she live now? Is she still acting? - S.A., Irvine, Calif.

A. Sydney Penny, 22, hasn't stopped acting since she was 3 years old and toddled on stage to join her parents country-western act. At 5, she was did TV commercials and drama guest roles. She was 12 when she did "The Thorn Birds." Since then she's appeared in the feature films "Pale Rider," "Running Away" and "Bernadette" and the soap operas "Santa Barbara" and her current role in "All My Children."

Q. What happened to the family known as "The Real McCoys"? There was Grandpa, his son Luke and a grandson. Are any of them still acting? - Mrs. C.R., Talmadge, Ga.

A. Walter Brennan, who was Grandpa McCoy, did three more TV series and died in 1974; Richard Crenna (Luke) has so many TV and movie credits they're impossible to list. Most recently, he's done a series of TV movies as New York cop Janek for CBS. Michael Winkelman (Little Luke) has no other acting credits.

Q. Dan Rather fascinates me. Where was he born? Is he married? And where does he call home? - V.L., Fontanelle, Iowa.

A. Rather was born Oct. 31, 1931, in Wharton, Texas. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Sam Houston State in Huntsville, Texas, and later studied at the University of Houston and South Texas College of Law. He married Jean Goebel, whom he met when both worked at a Houston radio station, in 1955. They have two adult children. He now makes New York City his home.

Q. I love "CBS Evening News." Please give me the mailing address. - L.P., Greensboro, N.C.

Q. What is the address of "60 Minutes"? - R.V. Myers, Youngstown, Ohio.

A. For both, write: CBS News, 524 West 57th St., New York, NY 10019.

Q. What happened to Genevieve, who used to appear with Jack Paar? - M.K., Hamtramck, Mich.

A. She turned up on a 1980 miniseries, "Scruples" but that's the last credit for the French singer whose fractured English enlivened the Paar show 1958-1962. She married, lived with her husband in France for a time, then they returned to the United States.

Q. Give me the name of Steve Allen's show that came after his "Tonight" show. It depicted different characters from history sitting around a table discussing various things. Jayne Meadows many times portrayed historical women. It was both enjoyable and enlightening. - Mrs. M.G., Philadelphia.

A. It was "Meeting of the Minds," seen irregularly on PBS from 1977-81. It's one of Allen's favorites of his many enterprises (books and songwriting, in addition to TV). He has said he wished it would be revived but doesn't think it will be.

Q. Please print the address of "20/20." - J.S., Concord, Okla.

A. ABC-TV News, 77 West 66th St., New York, NY 10023.

Q. Years ago, probably the 1960s, there was a children's show on Saturday or Sunday called "Davey and Goliath." I believe it was a cartoon. The characters looked almost like some of the Claymation characters of today's shows. I'm desperately trying to track it down. Is there any way I can get the tape of the show? - D.K., Chelt, Pa.

A. "Davey and Goliath" was a syndicated show that had a long run for a kids' show - 1960-65. The process was similar to Claymation, where small puppets appear to move by moving them and filming a few frames at a time. They called it pixilation then. The series of 15-minute morality tales, plus a batch of half-hour holiday religious specials, were produced by the Lutheran Church in America and are syndicated by the National Council of Churches.

Q. My 4-year-old son adores Billy Ray Cyrus. Can you tell us about him? Does he still live in Kentucky? - H.L., Tampa, Fla.

A. He's 32, a native of Flatwoods, Ky., but now lives in Nashville, Tenn., when he's not on the road. He dropped out of Georgetown (Ky.) College, thought he'd like to be a baseball player but gave that up. He taught himself guitar, then formed a band, Sly Dog. He's divorced and has a son from a brief liaison.

Q. I recently enjoyed the video "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." Katherine Houghton must be Katherine Hepburn's natural daughter. Why haven't I heard of this lovely girl in any other films? - R.T., Costa Mesa, Calif.

A. Katherine Houghton is Hepburn's niece. She's done very little acting since 1968's "Dinner," mostly, she has said, because she didn't care for the parts offered. She did do theater, the 1987 TV miniseries "I'll Take Manhattan" and a 1992 role in the soap opera, "One Life to Live."

Q. I am a big fan of Rosie O'Donnell, who was in "A League of Their Own." I've watched her career since she was on "Star Search" but can you tell me more about her? - M.W., Virginia Beach, Va.

A. O'Donnell, 32, a native of Commack, N.Y., started joking around in high school. She got seasoning in comedy clubs around New York City, then in 1984 became the first female comic to make "Star Search's" finals. She's done two TV series, "Gimme a Break" and "Stand By Your Man." "League" was her first movie; "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Another Stakeout" followed.

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Q. Is Patricia Neal her real name? Where and when was she born? How many movies did she make? - Mrs. M.N.H., Amory, Miss.

A. Patricia Neal is her real name. She was born Jan. 20, 1926, in Packard, Ky. She has made nearly 50 movies, starting with "John Loves Mary" in 1949.

Q. What has happened to Vera Ellen, who was so good in "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby? I haven't seen her in years. - Mrs. C.E.F., Syracuse, N.Y.

A. Vera Ellen retired from the screen after 1957's "Let's Be Happy." She was 55 when she died in 1981.

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