Socialism in America really scares me. How can American citizens stand by and let government take away our rights and decide vital aspects of our lives individual to each of us?

The U.S. government doesn't believe we are informed and/or smart enough to make decisions for ourselves. While American government tries its best to steer the rest of the world toward capitalism, we are going the way of socialism.I don't need a government that wants to take care of all aspects of my life. I want to have the freedom to make my own decisions, mistakes, successes and my own life.

A partial list of things wrong in America today:

Nationalized health care: If health insurance is a "right," then so is owning a Ferrari, having a fantastic spouse, a great house and unlimited travel. Since when did the "government" pay for anything? Government has no money. Government is not going to help fund any of socialized medicine.

Firearms control: In Washington, D.C., handguns are illegal. Law-abiding citizens need to have the ability to own and operate handguns for protection, recreation, etc. If Moynihan believes that a 10,000 percent tax increase on ammunition will curb the murder rate, why not propose a knife tax or an increased auto tax? Or maybe we could just tax humans since they are ultimately the ones who kill other humans.

Taxes: Why is it I have to pay 15 percent self-employment, 28 percent federal and 13 percent state tax on top of sales tax, property tax, gasoline tax, alcohol tax and now a proposed ammunition tax? Wouldn't straight 17 percent, no-deduction income tax work better?

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Government in general: Why is it when government needs more money, it creates more or imposes higher taxes? Just because I might went to spend more money than I currently have doesn't mean I can just demand more money. Why is our government growing while private companies are downsizing?

Less government would be good government. If we got rid of all the bureaucracy, yet retained only the highly effective people doing the job, life just might be good again.

Steve Walton

Salt Lake City

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