People said things to each other in 1993 that they would just as soon take back. Here are some of them:

Executive to Larry Tisch, head of CBS, "Mr. Tisch, there's no sense in us paying a lot of money for the NFL games. Where else can the owners go?"To President Clinton from an aide, "There are two Arkansas state troopers in the anteroom. They want to know if they talk to the press are they still entitled to benefits under Hillary's health plan?"

Lieutenant jg to top admiral at Las Vegas Tailhook convention, "Sir, why don't we stop in on the third floor and have a quiet nightcap with the boys?"

Publicity agent to Burt Reynolds, "If you go on TV and tell the world how cruel and selfish Loni Anderson was to you during your marriage, you'll have the sympathy of every woman in the country."

Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman to one of his followers, "Before you blow up the World Trade Center, be sure to get your parking ticket validated."

To Pablo Escobar, the dope king, from his lawyer, "If you surrender, the most the judge can give you is 100 hours of community service at the Medellin Boys Club."

Sen. Bob Packwood to a female staffer, "Some day people are going to read this diary and say, `So, that's what United States senators do.' "

Hollywood agent to Chevy Chase, "Chevy, everyone in America is dying to watch your late show. Give up your movie career and I'll make you the next Johnny Carson."

Boris Yeltsin's political adviser: "Hold elections now and the people will give you a vote of confidence the likes of which Mother Russia has never seen."

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The best friend of Ross Perot: "You should buy TV time right away and make Bill Clinton sorry he ever heard of Ross Perot."

Admiral Bobby Ray Inman's accountant: "You can pay your part-time help's Social Security or you can not pay it. It will still have no effect on how many nuclear missiles the North Koreans have in their bunkers."

Patient to Dr. Jack Kevorkian, "Hello, Doctor, I can't seem to shake this bad cold. Any chance you can fit me in today?"

President Clinton, sitting in Air Force One on L.A. airport tarmac, "Anyone around here know where I can get a haircut?"

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