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The Ogden Arts Commission has breathed a weary ho-hum to 34 entries in a contest to design a city flag, and now the search has begun again.

And many contestants aren't a bit happy about it, commission members say.Commission Executive Director Frances Hawk said Friday the contest judges decided that none of the 34 entries had enough graphic design appeal.

"We're thinking of something with a timeless enough quality to represent the city 100 years into the future," she said. "I think they really felt the entries we got were not quite there."

The entrants learned in letters from Mayor Glenn Mecham last week that none had been selected.

"They don't have any right to do that to the people who put in all the hours to enter that contest," said one anonymous caller to the Standard-Examiner newspaper. "I think it is just appalling. I will never do anything like this again."

However, contest rules specified that the commission reserved the right to reject any or all entries.

On Thursday and Friday, Hawk faced the ticklish task of fielding phone calls from disgruntled contestants.

"We're sort of considering our options now," she told one. "I'm as upset as anybody."

Names of design professionals are being solicited from the Utah Arts Council and the Weber State University visual arts department, and Hawk said it was possible one will be commissioned to design the city's flag.

Meanwhile, the arts commission remains interested in seeing design ideas from anyone, Hawk said.

Some of the rejected designs were too intricate or inappropriate for a flag but may make good imagery for posters and banners, Hawk said.