Police hope they've clipped the wings of paraglider James Miller, who was at it again during the Denver Broncos-Los Angeles Raiders playoff game.

Miller, who crashed his flying machine into the ring in Las Vegas last November during a heavyweight title fight, buzzed the Los Angeles Coliseum early in Sunday's NFL playoff game.Unlike Las Vegas, where he landed on the ropes, tumbled down and was pounded by people at ringside, Miller chose not to land in the Coliseum.

After circling high above the stadium's rim, he headed north. However, police in their cars tracked him and arrested him immediately after he landed in a park in a northwestern part of the city.

The police charged Miller, 30, with interfering with a sporting event, a misdemeanor. They also confiscated the motor that drives a large fan on his flying contraption.

"They didn't take his motor from him in Nevada, but we hope that will be some deterrent," police officer Jack Brandt said. "But he still said, `Just wait until the Super Bowl.' "