Another local kid was shot recently because someone got mad at the driving habits of another. I am sick and tired of reading about all of the kids we are killing in Utah. Usually, it is not criminals committing armed robbery. It is kids shooting kids, accidental discharges of guns and dare games that turn tragic.

The Utah Legislature in January will attempt to prohibit cities from enacting firearm regulations stricter than existing state law. This is ridiculous. We don't need bureaucrats at the State Capitol telling us how to decide our local issues.Gov. Leavitt has complained loudly at how federal bureaucrats shouldn't tell us how to run Utah. He ought to be equally concerned about state bureaucrats telling us how to run our local towns. I am both a hunter and member of the NRA. But there is no excuse for weakening local laws aimed at preventing local tragedies - that is, the killing of our children and the killing by our children.

I hope our state Legislature has the courage to put its money where its mouth is when lawmakers claim to believe in local democracy.

Herm Olsen