Issues in the baseball strike:

Cost controls

Owners - Want a system designed to fix the percentage of revenue going to players as a percentage of the teams' overall revenue, either as a cap or a payroll tax that would give clubs disincentives to sign players to large contracts.

Players - Willing to consider a tax that would redistribute money from large- to small-market clubs but are not willing to accept anything that would fix overall limits to the point that teams would not sign free agents.

Free agency

Owners - Players with four or more seasons but fewer than six would become restricted free agents, with their current clubs given 10 days to match offers. Unrestricted free agency would remain the same for players with six or more seasons.

Players - Threshold for eligibility would remain at six years.

Salary arbitration

Owners - Want the process eliminated and would replace it with an escalating set of minimums: $115,000 for first-year players, $175,000 for players with one year of service, $275,000 for those with two years and $500,000 for those with three years. Type A or B players with three years, according to the Elias rankings, would have minimum of $750,000.

Players - Would remain the same. Players with three or more seasons but fewer than six are eligible along with top 17 percent by service time among those with between two and three years. Players said they would be willing to consider the elimination of arbitration if arbitration-eligible players become eligible for unrestricted free agency.