So, just 11 days after Chris Allen of the Society of Separationists calls the defeat of Proposition 3 "good news for our schoolteachers," (Forum Nov. 26) we have questions arise and a possible lawsuit over a West High School choir Christmas concert. I'm sorry to remain skeptical over his reassurance, but the actions of some members of his and other groups speak louder than their words.

We have heard all too often appeals for total and unequivocal separation of church and state, references equating neutral positions with secular ones, even to the point that a group now exists that is pushing for "freedom from religion." How can we not be suspect of some of the separationists' motives? One KSL personality stated our fears very clearly one day on his talk show when he said that we ought to admit plainly that secularism is now our established state religion.As to the rejection of the proposition, Allen successfully used a clever political ploy in his touted opposition statement in the voter information pamphlet. It's fairly common knowledge that the quickest way to kill any good educational idea is to couple it up with "values education." But Allen isn't going to find it as easy to convince us that tax money will now stop disappearing down the "litigation rat hole."

If they push their agenda to the ultimate, then I as a U.S. history teacher have a real dilemma. How am I going to teach my students about the separation of church and state without mentioning the word "church?"

George Weight

Spanish Fork