Clothes are becoming more feminine, and so are hairdos. This is especially true for evening, when waves can add softness to short or long hair.

It is not necessary to have naturally wavy hair or to indulge in a permanent. Hair can be finger-waved for a special occasion by following these tips from Peter Coppola, owner of the New York salon that bears his name:To give shoulder-length hair a touch of retro movie star glamour, set it while damp on large rollers and let it dry naturally or use a blow-dryer. Remove the rollers and brush out the hair with a flat brush; then, finger-comb a deep wave at eye level, letting the rest of the hair fall gently.

Short hair should be pushed into waves while damp and set with flat clips or bobby pins. When dry, brush hair out loosely to frame the face, and press waves into place with the fingers. Spray lightly to hold the finger wave.

Anyone who's all thumbs can visit her local hair stylist, who will put her on the right wavelength.

- Anne-Marie Schiro