While the world seems consumed with tinsel and glitter, those who grieve are only aware of the terrible holes in their hearts and in their lives during this time of year.

The holiday season can be immensely painful and frightening for anyone who must face traditional events without a loved one.Phyllis Hansen, medical social worker of Applegate Home Health of American Fork, offers these suggestions for coping.

- Don't be afraid to make changes.

- Decide what you can handle comfortably and let friends and family know.

- Set aside some "letting go" time.

- Don't forget the rest of the family. Children need a happy holiday experience. Encourage them to talk about their loss and focus on what is left.

- Reach out to someone else. Giving to others will generate love and empathy into others' lives that will help you go on with your life.

- Draw on your belief system. Religious values strengthen and comfort you.