Weber County Commission candidates spent close to $72,000 on their election bids.

However, all the spending was relative. Weber County Attorney Mark DeCaria and Box Elder County Surveyor Denton Beecher spent next to nothing to win their uncontested re-election bids.Candidates are required to disclose information detailing their campaign contributions and expenditures 30 days after the election.

In Weber County, the person with the biggest treasure chest came up empty.

Weber County Commission candidate Ken Bischoff, a write-in candidate for seat A, spent slightly more than $30,000, more than twice the amount of his opponents and the most for a commission seat in recent years.

In fact, out of the seven commission candidates, incumbent Randall Williford, was the only one slightly close to Bischoff with $14,985 in recorded expenditures, $12,435 from personal funds.

Seat A winner Bruce Anderson and his co-campaign partner Glenn Donnelson, who was defeated by Joe Ritchie in the commission seat B race, both spent about $6,700. Seat A candidate Charles "Chuck" Eddy and his partner for seat B, Steven Boyd, each spent about $1,800. Ritchie spent $9,572.

In Box Elder County, Sheriff Bob Limb spent $3,202 in his ill-fated, write-in attempt to keep his badge in the general election, while opponent Leon Jensen spent $2,546.

In Morgan County, expenditures of the 15 candidates for seven county offices totaled $13,800. And the three biggest spenders, accounting for $5,797 of the total, lost.

"I guess I could have got away with spending less," said James McFarlane, who spent $1,812 in losing to Jeff London, who spent $803 to win a seat on the County Commission.